Wednesday, May 02, 2007

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Its Aunty Tala here fanks for looking up me on Tofiga's website hi hi hi hi. I gan't stob finking bout you kuys you tiger yous. Well I hobe you will read and find out more bout Tofiga and what hes going to be doing this year. Hey kuys when you finish on Tofigas website why dont you look up me on "come and get some prettyfull hi hi hi hi hi bye.


Sharnz12 said...

Hey u really crack me off man!! I cant wait t c u fullas for the off work show in Whangarei in June......shud be awesome as, I know alot of peops that will be there too........cant wait :)

Chris said...

Hey figaro,
it's Roosda aka Chris Muagututi'a, Tanya's bro from Pacific Underground. thought I would drop u a line to say keep up the awesome work u do to spread our humour around the world. I do have 1 beef tho, sole coz you are global now every time I have to making a spich in bublic I sound like you lol. Hurry up and come back down to the 03 for a musical break from your touring, we would gladly love to jam with you and your family. Pos and Tanya say hello and I say be careful when you are grumping coz the fofo is not worth the bain!! Holla if you want some ol'skool CDz aka Soul Master Cee style from when I was Number 1 DeeChay back in the day... also you should hook your self up with bebo dat way you can tap into all of our Pacific peoples who are suppose to be studying when they are online. Holla!!

tavita said...

Thank you for coming to Perth.You guys are awesome.It was a teriffic night hard to forget esp for our 5yr old grandson.He laughed so much and said to me "granddad no more" but he couldn't help it as we were sitting third row from the front right infont of yous.Hope you come back to Perth one day.So keep on keeping on.God Bless.

Anonymous said...

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Fat Lazy Guy said...

Malo sole. Just saw a Youtube clip of you guys over in the States. That's cool man. I hope you guys turn some heads and that. Peace.

Muftiez said...

hahahahahahahahaha... malo aunty tala... manaia lou website... i tried looking for you on but it said page not connected... however, i googled you and found you on LoL.. can't wait to see you tonight... take care and hope the brissy heat ain't killin' ya!!!

much luv to figa n ete!
LaTanya Parker aka Muftiez!!!!

Lei said...

Hey Tofiga!

Far out Glad I found you here. I did a lil' blog on you and Ete for your new show!
Man I was living in Welly when you first did you gig for the Comedy Frige Festival. Then you guys had a show at Vic which I had missed because the Tatau conference was on the same evening!
Well looking forward to seeing you & Ete rock up to Aucks in October,
Malo Lava Uso!

korowai said...

Hey Tofiga

can i get a ride in your cab please, ive seen ur guys newesh oldesh movie thing crack me off far taking 10 bags full even blaket man knows to olny take 10. Any way ask your wife if she knows Rob or Chopper because she use to work with my dad i think hes met you before dont know but nice show might be coming to prettyfull woman in wellington sweet as PS ROCK ON LAUGHING SAMOANS

HP said...

Kia ora Tofiga
First of all, congratulatins on your success to date. You are a very talented unique entertainer and we (the whanau) thoroughly enjoy your work...nga mihi!
Don't know if you remember me; Team Cordinator, Hohepa Patea based here in Wellington. I would definitely like to catch up with you Tofiga, my email is hpatea@ or text/ring me on 021 490 676. I look forward to hearing from you. Hei kona

George said...

One question!
I heard you were dead!
Is that true?

Mauina @ Pt England School said...

Hi Uncle,
Its Your niece Etta manase you might know my other uncle kafareli sasagi he is my nanas son i really like reading the stuff on your blog.Bye bye bye bye bye bye by e.

Davinia said...

hey auntie tala,
i can't belive i'm writting on your blog it just cracks me off like a tool hahaha
lol but eney ways can i get a ride to glen eney hahaha but i have had a great time talking to you charlie i mean david hehehe

thanks Davinia