Sunday, August 27, 2006

Thanks Australia

Hey prettyfull peoples of the prettyfull city of Sydney thank you heaps for supporting us with our shows. We really enjoy performing in Parramatta and Ive said it before and I'll say it again Sydney is now like a 2nd home for the laughing samoans. It was awesome to finish the final show on Friday night with another sell out crowed and thanks for buying all our t-shirts. That was the last time we will perform OLD SCHOOL in Australia but we are looking forward to bringing the new show "OFF WORK" to Sydney in Aprill 2007.

2006 has been a speacial year for me when perfroming in Autralia. This year we were in Melbourne and part of the banner ceremony for the Commonwealth Games. Also when perfroming in Sydney for the Big Laugh Festival we sold out both our shows in the main 750 seater theatre. And one of the highlights for me was visiting and performing for the first time in Brisbane and having over a thousand Maroons packing the venue out. It was nice to be in Queensland because Im a hard out Marrons fan when its STATE OF ORIGIN "Goooooo the marroooons you litttttle beauuuuuuuuty". See you 2007 Australia and sorry about the test against the All Blacks last week hi hi hi chooo chooo fa man.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Thanks USA

Talofa lava and thanks to you all who supported us (laughing samoans) during our USA tour 2006. It was awesome meeting some of yous and having the oppotunity to chat and take photos. It was a awesome tour and we got to meet some really awesome people who treated us like family and made us feel special. So once again fa'afetai tele lava.

"The Pirates home town".
We had some highs and lows but its good to say we had more highs than lows. The show we had in Oceanside was "mean" it rocked all thanks to the awesome turn out and the supporting acts. One of my highlights in O-side was getting to Drive a Ford F-250 that was jacked up so high I could walk underneath it. Driving the beast was like driving a plane on the runway it was so high. So to my main man Sam thanks uso for letting me take your truck for a spin especially thanks for trusting me with your pride and joy. To all the peoples in Oceanside thanks heaps for having us in your town and for organizing a awesome show.

"Carson city LA".
our show in Carson was off the hook like the pre-show acts. Im sure everyone enjoyed the 5 hour pre-show ha ha ha it was long but the bands were awesome. I must admit the LA show was the 1st show I've ever seen where the public were being scanned with a metal detector by security.
Even when I was in the changing I could hear the scanner beeping away during the pre-show. Man! The crowed was crazy in LA....I loved it just seeing the people off their seats and screaming out and hypeing up the show. It was awesome after the show when we got to meet the people and take photos with the locals.

Samoans in Alaska?
When I her we were going to do a show in Alaska I didn't know what to think my first reactions was "are there samoans in Alaska?" When we arrived in Achorage we popped into see the locals at one of local parks where they were celebrating independence. Ete and I also did a siva samoa just before one of the local church autalavou performed a few items.
It was awsome to be in Alaska a place I thought I would only hear about and see on the Discovery channel.
The show in Alaska was another awsome show where once again we were greeted by hardcore fans and really nice poeple. One of the most amazing things for me was when the show finished at 10pm and it was still daylight outside. I was told that during summer its sunlught for 22hours and semi-dark from 1am to 3am but buring winter its lights out for 6months.
The one thing I will never forget is eating a KING CRAB man this beast is like ti Tofiga of crabs it was huge. I also got to eat some of the many salmons they catch in shallow waters. I hope to go back to Alaska 2007 and hopefuly get a chance to see a polar bear and a Grizzly brown bear. So to Jeery and the team thanks heaps for the opptunity to put on a show for the Alaskan hamos hope to be back next year.

Tacoma, Seattle

This was our first show of the 2006 mainland tour but before we got to Seattle we missed our connecting flight from LA ha ha ha choo hoo typical Savaii boys. We were waiting for our flight at the gate printed on our ticket but the gate had changed while we were waiting. When we approached the counter to ask about our flight they said it had gone 10minutes ago. Man were guttered cause we were at the gate an hour before boarding and we missed our connecting fligh which meant we were gona be on the waiting list. When the americans say waiting list they mean waiting list. I was talking to people who had been waiting almost 2 days for a flight because they were on the waiting list. Well not really 2 days just half a day but 2days makes it sound more dramatic choo hoo. The main thing is we were able to make it to Seattle the day of the show.
When we arrived in Seattle we were picked up by TOM TIPENI the promoter of the Tacoma, San Jose and Las Vegas shows. Tom lead us on and said there were 600 tickets sold and that he had done alot of promoting for the show.

The show in Seattle went well and the people really enjoyed it. When sitting on stage and performing that night it sounded like ther were about 300 people in the audience. Because of the lights and the way the stage was set up we couldnt really see the people. After the show finished and the house lights were turned on I still couldnt see the people because there werent that many people for us to see. To be honest there was about 60-70 people at the show from what I saw but there could of been more but I dont have the 6th sense I DONT SEE DEAD PEOPLE. The beautiful people that did make it to the show really enjoyed it and thats the main thing because for us if theres 10 or 1000 people we always make sure we put on a good show.
From then on we knew that Tom who also has a number of other made up names, was a bit of a kuluku. As many of you know our San Jose and Las Vegas shows were cancelled because Tom Pepelo just had no clue of promoting anything but still got away with peoples money and from this day on I dont think people got there money back.

To all the people who supported us by buying tickets for the San Jose and Las Vegas show we are sorry if you havent recieved a refund for your ticket(s). Tom cancelled the shows while we were getting ready for our Salt Lake city show. During our stay in Salt Lake we reiceved e-mails and phone calls from people saying that they purchased tickets off another guy named Komi or Kuni something like that. It seemed like Tom was collecting people $$$$ knowing that there not going to be any shows because he hadnt organised the venues etc. My only worry was that people would be thinking that we were the kulukus and working in partnership with Tom a.k.a Komi a.k.a. Pepelo a.k.a. !*#%^@& ......
So once again sorry to the people in San Jose and Las Vegas we hope that next time we will connect with a honest person who knows how to promote and organise our shows. But for Tom I guess its true like they say what goes around comes around.

Salt Lake City
It was great to be back in Salt Lake for the 2nd time and especialy knowing that I was going to Hook up with my uncle Paugi and the rest of my cousins. The show in Salt Lake was off the hook right from the start with the Big and funny Budah. It was great to have one of Salt Lakes celebs help out and support us with our show.
The prettyful people at the show purchased alot of our dvds especialy the t-shirts. One of the highlights was meeting a NFL hitman Junior Ioane from the NY Giants.
It was a really nice to arrive in Salt Lake and arrive at Sina and Hilamens place and meeting the rest of my cousins I only heard of but had never met before. To my cousins Joanne, Nicki and the rest of the fams thanks for making our stay a pleasant one. To Sina and Hila thanks heaps for putting the show together and for supporting your family (laughing samnons) by organising the show. Much alofas to all the Salkt Lake family and remember we will be back in April 2007 keep up to date by checking out our show calender on