Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Im going to be.........

I am going to be sharing my life story with the young people of Taita College on the 3rd May at Taita College. Contact Taita College for furthur information. This will be an evening where the youth and their families will get the oppotunity to talk with Tofiga, and find out more about this talented pacific islander entertainer.

Come and join me at the Katinas concert in Auckland on the19th and 21st of May. Keep checking the blogger for further details on the Katinas concert and Pursuit of Excellence 2007.......DONT MISS IT!

The laughing samoans with there latest show OFF WORK in TOKOROA 25th May 2007, St Lukes P.I.C. Community Hall.
For tickets call marcus Ahsin on 021 037 9689 or email marcus@raukawafm.com

The laughing samoans in HAMILTON performing OFF WORK 26th May 2007, Foundings Theatre Tristram st, Hamilton
For Tickets 0800 484 2538 or 07 838 1111

OFF WORK in TUTUILA, AMERICAN SAMOA 2nd June, 2007. Kanana Fou Gymnasium Tickets on sale soon

OFF WORK with the laughing samoans in MELBOURNE (north), AUTRALIA 8th June 2007
8pm Friday 8th June, derebin Arts Entertainment Centre, Corner Bellst & George road, Preston.
Tickets on sale now call (03) 84708280

Laughing samoans with OFF WORK in MELBOURNE (south), AUSTRALIA 9th June 2007.
8pm, Saturday, Frankston Arts Centre, Corner Davey & Young streets, Frankston, Melbourne. Bookings (03) 9784 1060

OFF WORK SHOW in AUCKLAND, New Zealand 16th June 2007
5pm & 8pm Saturday 16th June Dorothy Winstone Centre, Auckland Girls Grammer School, Feemans Bay
For Tickets call (09) 307 5000

OFF WORK SHOW in ROTORUA, New Zealand 27th July 07
8pm, Friday night at the ROTORUA CIVIC THEATRE.
Tickets from Ticketek ph (07) 349-5141

OFF WORK SHOW in PERTH, Australia 4th August 07
8pm Staurday at the REGAL THEATRE, Subiaco, Perth
Bookings call (08) 9484-1133 or http://www.regaltheatre.com.au

Keep checking this space............


jp crocka said...

Nothing like a holistic approach to life brada. Well done. You should come to Hillsong in Sydney one day. All the peoples laugh u brada. The message is easy to reach home when the delivery method is friendly and happy. We missed your Para show but we heard it was prettifuls, the young ones saw you in Brisbane though.
Take care, the both of yous.

eazye said...

Sole 2Fingers. Interesting blog. Good to see us old Bisupo Combination people are getting into blogging. Saw your lil one on Bessies bebo page. Gongrats uso. Stay up uce. Let me know next time ur in Sydney.


Dylan said...

Hey I'm a big fan of yours from Los Angeles, California. I met you when you came out here last year. My best friend, Mulu, she is your biggest fan!

Just found your blog (with the help of my blog friends) and wanted to stop by and show some love.

Keep the party goin' will ya?

Big Hugs,

KriSSie_BaBy said...

Kia ora ! from the Mighty Waikato LOL .
YUP another Fan here and lookin' forward to the new show "Off Work". Ya' must be pretty busy cause I keep checkin' back to your blog ... however, keep up the GREAT work ! Thanks for all the laughs and many more to come ... You fulla's are just tooooo much ! =))

Ngati Maniapoto

--Muftiez-- said...

I can't wait for the release of the new show, man i wish i was back in NZ, it's all happening there a'ea? well when are you coming back to Brisbane man??? holla mai & let us know pretty plz... pretty pretty plzzz come back to Brissy!!! lol

I like me just fine :)) said...

man, whay can't we get your show over here? I know it's cold and wet and gloomy, but it'll be an experience and a great laugh???? LOL. I'm tired of listening to everyone rave about you, cos I was like can't see you for myself :) But honestly if you ever decided to do a tour in the UK will you let us Hamo's know, we'll show you a VERY warm welcome to make up for the cold... that or come over in the summer! Loving all the U tube videos, they was grack me ub! Keep up the great work, you pioneer you, hee!

KriSSie_BaBy said...

Just stopping by again ! Yes, loving the youtube vids ! Awesome stuff ! Is it totally alright to have them in youtube ? Must be hardout on the New Show, look forward to your next post

ALIZE said...


ALIZE said...


L said...

My man and me love you guys tooo much lol
I have two of your DVD's and I laugh hardcore no matter how many times I watch them LOL
Much love to you and Eteuati and may you continue to share the luff and choy for many more years to gum:):)

L said...

My man and me love you guys tooo much lol
We have two of your DVD's and we laugh hardcore no matter how many times we watch them LOL
Much love to you and Eteuati and may you continue to share the luff and choy for many more years to gum:):)

-Muftiez- said...

oh my gosh... i totally forgot my password to my blogger account so i had to create a new one lol!

well anywayz... hey figa... glad you considered coming back to Brisbane... too bad it ain't $15 now i have to save up my lunch money just to come see ya! lol... well yeah... i see you guys are also going to Perth... how dare you go there before coming to us... well i guess ya gotta save da best til last lol. Well i'll catch up with ya later and hope to see you in person at da show in Sept. Cheers. Muftiez (RIP Brett Irwin)

huntahz said...

Hiyah, I was checking out your LWS Website one word "NOOOOOICE!" keep up the awesuuum mahi like the saying goes, "Laughter keeps you young"

Chur bros