Thursday, August 24, 2006



--Muftiez-- said...

ummm hey Tofiga, where can we get a Laughing Samoans T-Shirt/Jacket/Jumper? Are they even for sale? well if they are, can you let me know... fanx bro. Luff Tanz

--Muftiez-- said...

btw - lovin' da photos

Sam Pauu said...

What's up bro.....Greetings from Oceanside!! Glad to have finally met you & Ete. Still trippin when you called at 12:30 in the morning after the show!! Anytime your in Cali, you can take the truck...You know how we do it in O'syyyde!! Thanks for the props in your post. Hope to see you drivin it in your next dvd...hee..hee! Chooohoooo!!

One Luv

jp crocka said...

Is that the Master "Petelo" with you and Ete in the top foto? He da man when I was growing up in Hamo, our own Bill Cosby. You know I remember an incident long time ago when he used to live next door to us in Lalovaea, there was a great racket, people running around, women screaming, children getting in the way, the young men scrambling with buckets and basins to get water from the stream "autu". Someone had fallen from the Moso'oi tree, guess who, it was Petelo. Froth was coming from his mouth and nose and probably if they checked his lavalava, they might have found a unwelcome bundle just below the belt line, in the rear that is. He lived and went on to become the master of his era in every sense of the faleaitu (comedy). Funny that 'cause I also have a similar tale about Tofilau Eti Alesana (RIP), our former PM of Samoa. Now the new Dalai Lama has arrived.
Laugh you Figa
Take it easy brada

Pinky's Brain said...

yeah i was just about to ask if that was Pekelo @ the top. gotta love that man :)

THECOC said...

Wow! You met petelo!!!
he is my uncle!! Man you guys are awesome! I've always wanted to go to one of your shows in melbourne but unfortunately they have been located too far away!!